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Not a Primary Colour
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Long Term Health Effects
Ranger Team Reunion
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Second Career
Just Add Tommy
Villain Says Happy Birthday/Holidays
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Team is Family
Blue Confidence Issues
Title: A Quiet Moment

Summary: Inspired by the unashamedly tender song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Just a tender moment after a hypothetical season one.

Rating: G

Genre: Gen

Pairing: OT16

Word Count: 178

Notes: I chose the additional ten characters based upon the timeline, pictures shown, and, in Eddie, Kyle, and Kory’s cases, simply because I like them.

It’s strangely tender, the way the team has settled on the couch. Megan’s fingers are running through Wally’s hair, occasionally toying with a lock or two, even as she leans against Conner. Wally looks up at Artemis from Megan’s lap, his hands massaging hers to get rid of the soreness. Conner has an arm around Megan, his hand settled on her waist, and the other around Kaldur’s shoulders. Raquel is snuggled up against Kaldur, her feet tangling with Donna’s playfully. Donna has Roy on her other side, and they’re thumb wrestling. Roy hasn’t won yet, much to Zatanna’s amusement as she leans on his shoulder to watch. Dick is snickering as well, causing Roy to whack him as he is reclining across Babs’ and Kory’s laps, his head propped up against Kyle’s side. Kyle has a hand in Mary’s, who’s also got Charley’s wing wrapped around her and Eddie’s head in her lap.

Barry flicks off the feed. He’ll let the others know that the kids are crashing in the base again.

Wally did his homework already, right?
So I figured I should cross-post this due to my anonfail. I actually like this piece, and shall eventually write a sequel.

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Hi I'm new

Feb. 28th, 2011 09:51 am
I have been stalking various journals and finally got sick of being banned from commenting just because I'm anonymous. So here I am! My name is Julia, I'm a comic books geek, and I'm probably coming off as an idiot.
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