What Could Have Been Vol. 12

Sep. 14th, 2017 12:16 pm
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Okay, this is where the poison I mentioned comes in. Here, the scene mostly plays out as is, with Kid seeming to think that Lynx-in-Serge's-Body is Serge, despite it being mentioned that she should know who is in which body. However, Lynx never directly states anything about the body swap, though he quietly gives Kid a couple backhanded compliments.

After fighting the two of them off (and it's shown that Lynx is far weaker in Serge's body-his stunt at the Dead Sea really drained him), they flee, at which point Spriggan realizes she noticed just how sluggishly Kid was moving, and her eyes being glazed over. She realizes Lynx must have used a special type of toxin on her that makes people extremely suggestable-"Sends ya into a waking dream. Barely even know what [i]you[/i] are doing, let alone what's going on around ya." Leena recalls something from Clotho; Lynx is obsessed with both Serge and Kid for some reason, and that he needs Kid for a "temporal wedge."

That's when Guile realizes something-Lynx has never tried to kill Serge directly in cold blood, only in the heat of battle or when he orders someone else to do so. Almost like he [i]can't[/i]. Leena has no idea that would be, but she does recall Lynx being [i]furious[/i] when "the glitch" was a part of his new body too.

More than that, however, Harle does leave-temporarily. She is less cryptic, slightly, however; she mentions that "if Kid is your friend...then it is my destiny to be your enemy." She refuses to elaborate further, but she does say that war between Fate and the Dragons is not one of Evil and Good. She'll rejoin later, but it will only happen after a fairly major series of plot developments.



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