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My cap_ironman fill is using a 'verse I've been working on for a year- Earth-3682155. Yes, that's a huge number.

I'm trying to merge Star Wars (and trying to keep as loyal to the EU as possible minus without including any non-Mandalorian Karen Travis characters and none of her plotlines and this would be no Travis period but I intend to use her Mando culture as ancient history because I follow the Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show but I put it in the last year of the Clone Wars so there's more continuity snarls for you), the Marvel universe (and, just to make it worse, early on I chose to use mostly comics but the X-Men Evolution TV show canon, which makes for a lot of snarls, especially because I happen to love Young Avengers and Runaways and Eli's grandpa needs figuring out now because of the super-soldier serum turning lethal), the DC universe (oh, and there I'm mixing TTG!verse, DCAU- well, mostly JL and maybe a dash or so of Batman and Superman, Batman Beyond too but in the future-, a bit of Smallville stuff set waaay before this story, and comics!verse). So it's giving me a headache, but I've been working Earth-3682155 for over a year, maybe two, so it'll be nice to actually publish a story set there.

Sorry for the long paragraph of bitching. I'm irritated at the not-working-with-me timeline. The only way I can make TTG and animated!JL work is if I have the Flash originally Barry and actually kill him during the Luthor/Brainiac incident, which doesn't just piss off the heroes, but also Flash's Rogues, and revenge is best served cold. Then Wally joins up with the JL. No, these aren't spoilers, this is all about five years before my fill begins. I might do some stories set there after I finish the fill or flashback to it during the fill, but nothing big.

Oh, and I plan on having Lex be president and a major antagonist in this story. Just for fun.

I'm not using the new Young Justice, mostly because it wasn't out when I began planning this and I don't want to overhaul it all. But I am using the G-Gnomes and all, becuase
they're freaking adorable.

Anyone read jij/mithen's Kryptonian soul bond fic? There's a link on the YJ anon meme, if you're looking. I plan to use a version of that to make a new kind of Kryptonian culture- the soul-bond focuses on any kind of love, which is part of why Clark is such a good man (but the Kents still contributed more, which accounts for how Kryptonians can still be immoral- coughZODcough). It makes families utterly adoring and caring, which dissuades civil war, encourages altruistic love in most people (coughZODcough) to dissuade anyone trying to take over the world and killing people, and doesn't really differentiate between platonic and romantic love to encourage a population boost (which basically means that Kryptonians are naturally pan). Thing is, that doesn't just manifest in Kryptonians- it manifests in anyone on the 'insanely-powerful' scale. While Kryptonians understood the bonds and used them well...would humans, unused to this, understand the bonds at all? And the bonds would manifest in those who fell under the insanely powerful's familial, platonic, or romantic loves...

Yes, that's a huge part of the story. Probably a spoiler, but I happen to like the dramatic irony, plus I need to know if that's just a horrible idea.

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