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So I figured I should cross-post this due to my anonfail. I actually like this piece, and shall eventually write a sequel.

Shouts ring through Mount Justice's halls. Again.

Kaldur sighs, rubbing his temples and going to break up yet another argument.

At least it is Megan and Tula this time, and they are not near any large bodies of water. Garth nearly drowned Roy when they had an argument over...Kaldur can't even remember what...by using his Tempest spell. Not that Roy was entirely innocent in that altercation- that arrow was most certainly aimed between Garth's legs and ran the risk of landing in Garth's skull during their fight.

Kaldur does not understand why his friends and team have declared themselves mortal enemies, but he must, to use a surface idiom, work with the cards he has been dealt.

When he finally reaches the girls, Tula has her hands fisted and Megan is floating. This bodes ill.

"Megan, Tula, what is going on?" This time, he does not add, but his voice comes out weary and he thinks they can hear it.

They both turn to face him, Tula's gaze softening and Megan's scowl fading, and he reads nothing in that, nothing, he knows better. Tula loves Garth and Megan...well, he's not entirely certain of the relationships within his team and Roy, they all act intimately with each other (and not him, but he doesn't let himself think about that).

"Why," he continues, when he realizes that neither of them will answer his question, "do you all constantly fight?"

They both look away from him and each other before retreating down different hallways. He sighs, realizing that this will do nothing and the bickering will continue.

"Because they want you, too," Superboy rumbles behind him.

Kaldur blinks, startled at his presence, his words, and his tone. "There is no reason that we cannot all be friends..." he says calmly, turning to face his teammate, because that is all Superboy means, the others have what they want and that does not include him.

"They don't want friendship." Superboy is scowling as he says it, fists clenching as if he's preparing for a fight.

Kaldur frowns. No, that's all they want, he knows this after his last visit to Poseidonis...

"None of us do," Superboy finishes softly, and that makes no sense at all, so Kaldur opens his mouth to ask for an explanation and Superboy kisses him.

Kaldur's shock freezes him in place long enough for Superboy to pull him close and wrap his arms tightly around Kaldur. The part of him that acknowledges that he really ought to stop this is being ignored by the rest of him, which can only register Superboy's tongue.

Somehow, Kaldur doubts that this was taught by Cadmus.

Superboy breaks the kiss, murmuring, "That is what we want," as he backs down the hallway. "Join us when you're ready."

The we jolts Kaldur- he remembers every moment that he told himself he was misreading the situation (Artemis smiling and arching her back for no reason, the trail of Wally's fingers down his arm during a meeting, Robin straddling him and smirking after winning a spar, Roy walking around shirtless in the middle of a New England autumn, the eyes he felt watching him) and realizes even while Superboy is leaving that no, he wasn't wrong; his team wants him.

But that gives no reason for Garth and Tula's behavior. Contrary to Superboy's belief, the last time he was in Poseidonis proved that they do not desire him, so what is going on with them?

Kaldur turns to track one of them down and ask.


Kaldur finds Garth swimming in the pool and decides to wait until he comes out. The pool is too small, too intimate, for this discussion, and Kaldur does not mind the wait. In fact, he prefers it. This conversation will be fairly awkward.

"Kaldur, what is it?" Garth asks when he pulls himself out of the pool.

"It is nothing serious," Kaldur says, to reassure his friend. "I...my teammates..."

Garth's expression sours, and Kaldur's voice trails off in surprise that his gentle friend dislikes his team that much. He clears his throat and begins again.

"My teammates believe that you and Tula harbor a great deal of attraction towards me." There, it is said.

"Do you believe them?" Garth's tone is peculiar- reserved but hopeful, the way Kaldur sounded when hoping to court Tula.

Kaldur gives the most tactful answer he can. "After the last time I visited Poseidonis..."

Garth scowls at the mention of that. "That," he says, an emotion Kaldur cannot read hidden by a thin veneer of calm, "was a mistake."


Kaldur once more opens his mouth to ask for an explanation and once more ends up with a mouth covering his.

Garth doesn't immediately wrap his arms around Kaldur, instead choosing to find all of the sensitive spots Garth and Tula used to mercilessly tickle when they were younger. Garth slips his tongue in Kaldur's mouth, but it is his fingers that make Kaldur's mind go blank.

Garth breaks away, releasing Kaldur and murmuring, "Join us when you're ready," as he leaves.

The phrase makes Kaldur freeze. Both groups were fighting over the right to have him, all this time. And now they've laid out their invitations, and he can't have both.

He wonders, for a brief moment, why they hadn't teamed up to seduce him- they certainly had no issues with polyamourous relationships. Then his mind wanders to exactly how they would have managed that and he put it out of his mind.

He does not know what to do.

A/N: There will be a sequel, wherein Kaldur figures out what to do. With outside help. Lots of outside help. I might make a 5x "Kaldur asks for advice" scenario...or would that be too awkward to ask for help with?
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